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Alabama Slammer

Liquor Modifiers:Cranberry Dirty Dry Extra Dirty Ginger Ale Grapefruit Lemon Lime Liquid Floater +$1Neat +$2No Ice OJ Olives Onions Pepsi Pepsi Diet Pineapple Red Bull +$3Rocks Rocks on Side Salt Shot Soda Sour Sprite Sugar Rim Sweet Tall Tonic Twist Up Very Dry Water
Tequila:Well Cuervo +$1Don Julio +$4Heddura +$4Patron +$2
Gin:Well Aviator +$1Beefeater +$1Bombay +$1Bombay saphire +$2.50Hendricks +$2Tanqueray +$2.50
Rum:Well Bacardi +$1Bacardi limon +$1Captain Morgan +$1Doc brown dark +$1Goslings +$1Malibu +$1Meyers +$1Mt gay +$1
Cordials/congac:Disarono +$2Baileys +$2Bom bom +$1B&B +$3.25Campari +$2Cointreau +$2Courvoisier +$4Drambuie +$2Dry sack +$2Frangelico +$2Grand manier +$3Harvey's +$2Hennessy +$4.25Irish mist +$2Khalua +$1limoncello +$1.25Midori +$1Mozart +$1Peachtree +$1Remy martin +$4.25Sambuca +$1Tia Maria +$2.25Tuacca +$2.25
Scotch:Well Chivas +$4Dewars +$1Glenfiddich +$5.25Glenlivit +$2JW black +$2JW red +$2Bushmill +$1Jameson +$1.25Tulsamore dew +$1

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